Meet The Performer: Lou Safire, performing at Sideshow, Saturday 18 April

Well lovelies, we have a treat for you, this weekend, when our Sideshow – a burlesque tribute to the Carnical’s darker underbelly hits Swansea Grand Arts Wing! 

We know you all go totally wild for boylesque artists – look at what happened with Flixx and Dave The Bear! So now we have another for you – Lou Safire – and we know you are going to go just as wild!


Lou Safire is an award-winning international Vaudevillian who describes himself as “96% Extrovert, 4% Polyester.

May cause nausea and short range radio interference if used incorrectly. Not suitable for children Under the age of 18. Hand wash only!”

Born “somewhere between London and Hell” Lou has been performing across the UK since 2008. His style focuses on the unusual with eclectic bohemian influences ranging from sideshow, circus and the darker side of Vaudeville to classical ballet. Trained in many aspects of dance, you are just as likely to see Mr Safire dancing en pointe as dipping his derriere in a a floor load of smashed glass. His fan dances are loaded with grace and mesmerising to watch – but you can also expect a shed load of cheeky audience interaction.

He is resident performer and producer of Norwich’s Cheeky Devils Club and has performed across the seas, including Toulouse, Geneva and Helsinki. He’s also graced the stages of prestigious international burlesque festivals including Amsterdam, Stockholm, Vienna and will be appearing at London Burlesque Festival, May 16 (our Lilly is also on the bill of the Crown Jewels show!)

To find out more about Lou Safire, head over to his website – or better still! See him in the flesh on Saturday at our Sideshow show! Doors open at 7.30pm

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