Our fifth Birthday Show! What A Show!

We’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t had time to pictorially update you on our last show! And what a show our Mad Love valentines day affair, was!

We always love headliner Scarlett Daggers and she really was a sweetheart with her cheeky Tiki and balloon pop routines… We had hot showgirl action from The Flaming Feathers, and one of our ex-students who has gone on to do bloody well, Tickety Boo performed! Chuffed as having her on the bill for our fifth show was really special! We also had a spooky act based on Dylan Thomas’ Love In The Asylum from Lilly Laudanum, Mae Breakheart’s love for New York and Father Jack made a naughty appearance and very nearly stole the show! Of course our DeeDee was on hand to drink the token pint of wine and ensure that everyone behaved themselves – so thanks to this brilliant line-up for making it such a great show!

We have to say a massive thanks to Fancy That Vegan Bakery who made our birthday cake, which we cut up so all you lovely audience could have a peice (actually the chocolatey smell was so gorgeous, it was gone in a flash!) and also to Miss Moth Photography who has been travelling in to Swansea to capture the shows for us for the last few years.

Mostly, thanks to the audience, as without you we actually wouldn’t have a show.

So here are Miss Moth’s pics of the evening! Enjoy!

MadLove_DeeDee_MissMothPhotography MadLove_FatherJack_MissMothPhotography MadLove_FatherJack5_MissMothPhotography MadLove_FlamingFeathers3_MissMothPhotography MadLove_FlamingFeatherscancan4_MissMothPhotography MadLove_LillyLaudanumAsylum_MissMothPhotography MadLove_LillyLaudanumAsylum5_MissMothPhotography MadLove_maebreakheart_MissMothPhotography MadLove_maebreakheart4_MissMothPhotography MadLove_ScarlettDaggersBalloonPop2_MissMothPhotography MadLove_ScarlettDaggerstiki_MissMothPhotography MadLove_ticketycinderella3_MissMothPhotography MadLove_ticketyFishing4_MissMothPhotography

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