Meet The Performer – Peggy De Lune

With our October 18 show, Trains boats and Planes just over a week away, we thought you’d like to meet some of the fabulous performers we have lined up for you, beginning with our fabulous headliner Peggy De Lune


We bloody love Peggy DeLune, we do – and so did you when she first hit Swansea in 2013 and since then we’ve been promising to bring her back. Hailing from the US, Peggy DeLune has made a huge splash on the UK burlesque scene with her heady mix of old Hollywood glamour and contemporary comedy routines. She has collected numerous awards over the past two years including Best British Newcomer at the 2012 World Burlesque Games,, Most Comedic Act at Milan Burlesque Awards 2013 and Best Solo at the Texas Burlesque Festival 2013. She’s performed at some of the West End’s biggest burlesque shows, including The Hurly Burly Show and (currently) with the Folly Mixtures, as well as far flung lands including South Africa, across her native USA – including at the prestigious Burlesque Hall Of Fame in Las Vegas and throughout Europe. Those who were at 2013’s Sweetness And Light show will recall her ‘Fly Me To Chicago’ featuring her signature air hostess character, and since learning that she now calls the UK a home, we just had to get her back for you!

You can find out more about the lovely Peggy DeLune at and those with tickets for our SOLD OUT!! Come Fly With Me event will be looking forward to take off as she headlines the show! 

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