Meet The Performer –Didi Curv’e and Honey Holiday, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

Well, as it’s the start of the week, we thought we would bring you not one, but two performers who will be hitting the stage THIS FRIDAY at Carmarthen’s Lyric, for our Varietease-a-Rama show… So, here’s the first of our double acts Didi Curv’e and Honey Holiday – we collared the lovely Didi to tell you all about them…

Godzilla and King Kong - Didi Curv'e and Honey Holiday

“Didi Curv’e and Honey Holiday are often described as the French and Saunders of burlesque, their comedic routines and facial expressions have been known to have audiences in tears from laughter. South Wales based, this duo bring their high energy jinx to audiences far and wide, with an ethos of make them laugh.

Didi and Honey met in 2009 in the back street slums of St Mellons at a burlesque class and soon realised that they had the same dirty/outrageous sense of humor; They knew they were destined to be friends.

 Taught by Miss Pretty S’vere the duo were at the time part of a larger troupe known as The Dollie Mixtures. The troupe raised money for charity by shaking their titties in people’s faces and quickly realised that this could be a hit. Soon however, Didi and Honey were hungry for more! They wanted the thrills and spills of performing in the big cities; places like Cardiff, Swansea and Leeds. The pair flew the nest and created The Angel De-Lites, a sassy bunch of ladies who believe strongly in the empowerment elements of burlesque and to share them with the world. With an aim to put on at least two charity shows a year and also performing in many other shows they have so far helped to raise over £30, 000 for various charities (the next Angel DeLites show is the 21stNovember and will be raising money for Breast Cancer).

Didi and Honey’s friendship first took them to Vegas after Didi won a trip to Vegas as a prize at a Burlesque World Record attempt in 2011. Their mutual love of all things glittery and burlesque meant that they went to Vegas the only time a sane burly girl could… for the Burlesque Hall of Fame. During this holiday they met some of the legends of burlesque, and got to drink and mingle with some of the top artistes in the business.

The pair began to really get a taste for the shimmy and soon they were travelling all around the UK performing at shows, festivals, art exhibitions, in fact any event they could shake their tits at. Over the past 2 years they shimmied out of the safety of the Welsh border following the success of their performance at the Welsh Burlesque Festival 2012, and have performed as part of the Bristol Burlesque Festival, Birmingham Comedy Festival and  the Dublin Burlesque Festival where they won the epiphany award for ‘best overall performance’ but that was just the start of exciting times

2014 brought more excitement when they went truly international, performing at the  Boylesque Festival in Vienna, followed by Paris and Munich and they still have Amsterdam and Stockholm by the end of the year.

There are still more exciting experiences to come!”


You can read more on Didi and Honey’s exploits, shows and other stuff at – and you can see them creating ‘Another Fine Mess’ (we love it!) at Friday’s show. Tickets are still available via Carmarthenshire Theatres box office: 0845 226 3510



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