Meet The Performer –Glory Pearl, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

With our next show just under a week away, there’s a few more performers you simply have to meet! Today it’s the turn of Glory Pearl – a not-so-hidden gem! 

Glory Pearl by John Fox

Tunbridge Wells’ Glory Pearl’s genre-defying acts really have to be seen to be believed! She has a love of the ‘older generation’ and we love her later-egos, which include Ethel Muffkitten (we know you will as well!). Not only does she do burlesque, she is one of the Uk’s leading burly pole artists (burlesque on a pole), and is also a stand-up comedian… In fact, she joins us after a run at Edinburgh Festival where her The Naked Stand Up solo show…  

Here’s what she says about herself:

“At the tender age of seventeen, Miss Glory Pearl absconded from her exclusive, Alpine finishing school and, in a fit of pique, joined the circus. She honed her aerial skills in the big top, drawing gasps of delight from village children across Europe until the Ringmaster broke her heart. Leaving her reputation in Prague, she set out for Paris, collecting tender hearts and glittering trinkets on the way.

Her quick wits, impeccable manners and deep cleavage smoothed her entry into Parisian society but she soon tired of dazzling the French, crossed the Channel and settled in Tunbridge Wells where, enchanted by the locals’ middle-class values, she can oft be spied winking lasciviously at tradesmen and flashing her knickers at passers by – mostly inadvertently.

By night, Miss Pearl can be found sprinkling sparkles and glamour across the stages of the world, enchanting audiences with her effervescent mix of charm, aerial skill and good, old-fashioned concupiscence.”*

[*taken from Miss Glory Pearl’s website –]


Miss Glory Pearl will be bringing her cheeky brand of burlesque – and probably winking quite a lot – to Carmarthen audiences, 12 September. Tickets are available from here: or by phoning the box office 0845 226 3510

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