Fees… How Do You Know What To Charge?

Today we thought we’d tackle that ‘interesting’ debate of fees and how do you know what to charge. We get a lot of performer applications and often performers don’t really know what to quote, and sometimes feel that asking fee advice from other performers is a taboo subject. We’re kind of in an enviable position […]

How To Get Paid and How To Account for Payment…

So you’ve done the show, now you want to get paid. Most performers find it awkward to bring the subject of payment up, so here’s a few helpful tips, plus helpful advice on invoicing, accounting and filing a tax return…  The basics… Always agree your fee and travel in advance as turning up on the night […]

Getting a Show, Keeping a Show and Securing a Repeat Booking

So you have your CV, cracking photoset, you have video links to your best acts, you may even have testimonials from credible sources (yes, credible industry related – not friends and family!) and you’ve done a year (or over 30 shows worth) of newcomers slots. So how do you go about getting a paid show? Target Producers […]