Meet The Performer – Daisy Dalore, Appearing At Our Varietease-a-Rama, 12 September, Carmarthen Lyric

With the show hitting the stage tonight, there’s just one more performer on the bill (aside from our Lilly Laudanum – but you already know her!) that we think you should now about, and that’s Daisy Dalores! 


Daisy Dalore started her burly journey with us in January this year on the Bluestocking six week course, and we were so impressed with her and her eagerness to get on stage and get a routine together! She worked hard after the course to put together her first routine, a clockwork doll inspired by Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and performed for the first time at Llanelli’s Clwb Kaboom! in March, then at April’s Bluestocking show in Swansea. Since then she has been busy at work on her next routine which incorporates her love of kick boxing… When she premiered this routine at our Showcase of new performers in July, course leaders Lilly and DeeDee actually were in tears at how beautiful it was and we really can’t wait for you to see it tonight at the Lyric! A newcomer that you nee to keep an eye on, we think!

For more on Daisy Dalore, head over to her facebook page: or come and see her for yourself at the Lyric. Tickets are available from Carmarthenshire Theatres box office: 0845 226 3510 or from the ticket link here:

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