You Are Never Too Old…

This week’s blog goes out to everyone who thinks they are too old to have a go… Well, whatever you’d like to try in life, be it a new haircut or learning the trapeze – we’d just like to say, you are never too old! And that goes for burlesque too!

While some are of the opinion that burlesque performers should hang up their pasties when they reach the ‘ripe old age’ of 30, we say No! Some of the best performers are older than that. With age comes a confidence and experience – and some of the acts that you, the bluestocking audience, have loved the most are over 30, over 40 and even over 60 in the case of the fab Boris and Doris Von Sneeze!

It’s especially topical since Satan’s Angel, one of the legends of burlesque heyday, performing in the 1960s and originator of the fire tassel, will soon be hitting the screens with her documentary ‘Queen Of The Fire Tassels’… Yes, she’s still performing at almost 70 years old and holds regular classes – after all, who better to learn the art form from than one of the biggest names who influenced the shape of neo-burlesque as we know it now. She is definitely an inspiration! And we are looking forward to the release of the film – with it’s four decades worth of candid tales from the life of this legend! It’ll be on release from March 2013…
Speaking personally (it’s Lilly here btw!), as a 40-year-old performer (lol, I know, you thought i was half that age!!), I’m glad I’ve got that age and experience under my belt. I’ve been on stages since I was 16 years old and in films and ‘strange’ modelling jobs throughout my 20s and I can honestly say that now I feel a lot more confident than I did back then. I’ve been across the world with work and seen all kinds of walks of life and it’s these experiences that I took to burlesque when I first slapped on a pair of pasties in 2009. And throughout my life, I’ve always thought ‘I’ll have a go at that’ and not ‘ooh, I don’t know if I could, what would everyone think?’ or ‘I’m too old for that’…
What we’re basically saying this week is simply, whatever you want to have a go at in life, just do it! Have a go – as what is the worst thing that can happen? That you might not like it (at least you tried it to find out!), that it didn’t suit you (ditto) or that you loved it so much it transformed your life? Hopefully the latter will be true no matter what it is you fancy having a go at – and if anything you’re photo album will be full of interesting memories when you are ‘too old’ to do it any more!

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