Whatever Shall We Wear To A Show?

We here at Bluestocking Lounge are very fond of dressing up and making an effort and we know you all are too – which is why we have our ‘best dressed’ competitions as we like to reward those who make an extra special effort. 

Sometimes newcomers often ask what is ‘correct’ to wear to a burlesque show. There is no real answer to this as wearing what you feel comfortable in is the best way forward. But we do know that everyone has a little something that they keep in their wardrobes ‘for best’ and sometimes that best never arrives… so we say bring it out! 
We usually have a theme to our nights which brings out some interesting outfits worn by some of our more 
imaginative audience members – we love that! Here’s a few pics of some of our winners (from Feb 2010 – present) and some of our favourite looking audience members that we thought deserved another outing! (cue wolf whistles!)
aroundTheWorld_audiencesarah_Greatbigshowoff aroundTheWorld_audiencesinead_Greatbigshowoff aroundTheWorld_audiencetigerbloke_Greatbigshowoff MHT_bestdressed MHT_bestdressedII
If you want to dress up (like we said, it’s fine if dressing up isn’t your thing…) here’s a few pointers:
What to wear:
  • Vintage suits, dresses, hats, accessories
  • Costumes that fit our theme (eg: in September it’ll be a ‘Victorian’ affair so anything Victorian, steampunk, curious, will fit!)
  • corsets and pencil skirts,
  • shiny stuff, sequins, retro (and by the way, Hobos – where you can also buy our tickets – are great at retro, shiny stuff!)
  • Nice shirts
  • ‘Casual gent’ attire…
  • Use your imagination – we love that!
  • Cross dressing/drag – we also love that!
  • Zoot suits, 20s gear, dolls, dames…
  • Sailors, Forces…
  • Cup cake cuties, Gil Elvgren pin-up style
What not to wear
  • Please make sure that you actually come wearing clothes… You might be a bit chilly if you are under dressed, not to mention embarrassed!
  • M A S S I V E hats… Or if you simply have to wear the said massive head wear, please consider those behind you and take it off during the performance… 
  • Think ‘dress fancy’ and not ‘fancy dress’… 
Looking forward to seeing you all looking lovely at our shows! 

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