Meet The Performers… Introducing some of our new acts!

We’ve crammed our All Shook Up! bill, which hits the Arts Wing this saturday, fit to burst because we wanted you lovely audience members to see our new(er) performers! So step forwards Emerald Green and Eddie Kelly…

BraHumbug_EmeraldGreen5_MissMothWe’re very lucky here at Bluestocking… Running classes as well as shows, we’re able to spot some awesome new talent in our studios and help provide a platform for you to see it… The first of our new performers is Emerald Green… Those who have been at our shows will probably recognise Emerald – she’s hit our stage as a ‘single lady’ in December and is no stranger to our showcases. She first hit the stage just over a year ago and we’re excited to bring her back to the Grand with her Liquid Lunch act – which we think is brilliant! She will also be debuting a murderous new act – so watch out if you are in the front row!

Our next new performer is Eddie Kelly – who caused quite a storm at our Mozarts showcase last month… Her ‘An Apology’ act was the talk of the night – and the timing was flawless (Britain’s shaky political landscape provided an excellent backstory for her character). We’re not going to spoil who/what the act is but rest assured, you will certainly be voting with your whoops and hollers when you see what Eddie Kelly has in store for you!

Eddie Kelly and Emerald Green will be joining Lilly Laudanum, Daisy Dalore, Odelia Opium and Whisky Falls, together with our DeeDee and Dawn at this Saturday’s Our All Shook Up. Doors open at 7.30pm and the action kicks off at 8.

And if you fancy discovering a skill you never knew you had, our next Bluestocking Beginners Six Week Course at Revue Studios starts 6 September. Places have been released on the tickets page of    

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