Meet The Performer: Betty Rose Royal Performing at our April 15 show

As we get closer to our Rites Of Spring show, which hits Swansea Grand Arts Wing next Saturday, we thought it was high time to roll out another of our performers – the wonderful Betty Rose Royal…

BettyRoseRoyal_pleasecreditRetroPhotoStudioDubbed ‘Britain’s Burlesque Sweetheart’ Betty Rose Royal is ‘The It Girl of the British burlesque scene’. A High-calibre professional performer, with over 10 years performance experience under her garter belt, Betty Rose Royal’s glittering performance skills, knockout moves and cheeky bump ‘n’ grind can be found in routines such as the naughtily suggestive ‘The Naked Showgirl’.

Betty Rose Royal is passionate about burlesque – she basically lives and breathes it and when she’s not on the stage herself, she is the production Manager at the London Burlesque Festival, editor at Burlesque Magazine and her enthusiasm is both inspiring and infectious.

With her polished stage presence, effortless seduction and a body that cannot be contained, we cannot wait for Betty Rose Royal to bring a sense of imperial magic to the stage!

Betty Rose Royal will be headlining our Rites Of Spring show, Saturday 15 April, which also features Rock Hart, Ana Kiss, Lilly Laudanum, Seren Dippity and more. Doors open 7.30 with all the action starting at 8pm.  


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