“Bluestocking Lounge Is Dirty!” “Pure Filth”

Those are the words of a certain Mrs No Overall, who came to our August show undie-cover, apparently to scope out the venue. What Mrs No Overall found will shock you!   

Mrs No Overall, who has been in the cabaret business for a number of years, travelled from the North of England to stake out the Arts Wing in Swansea Grand Theatre, where Bluestocking Lounge hits the stage every other month and she is alledged to have witnessed:

  • Performers rolling around on the stage wearing no more than a sparkly bikini – very unhygienic
  • The host rolling in glitter in full view of the audience. She was also seen drinking a pint of wine
  • Performers willfully pouring glitter on themselves and on the stage

Apparently Mrs No Overall was said to be even more shocked that the audience members were egging on all this action like some “respectfully-dressed baying mob”… They were actually clapping when the previously mentioned performers threw items on the floor. Mrs No Overall also raised concerns about the heating in the venue, commenting that the poor performers were so hot they had no option but to take some of their clothes off on the stage, again in full view of the audience and she has slammed stage manager Dawn’s methods for clearing up, stating that a “pound shop dustpan and brush won’t cut the mustard”.

Mrs No Overall, herself an award-winning performer who reached the finals of burlesque Idol in 2016 after acing the Wales heat (her roots are in Penarth, she now lives up North), is said to be donning her best tabard, packing up her industrial strength marigolds and ensuring she has a fresh charge in her Dust Devil in an attempt to clean up the Bluestocking Lounge tomorrow night. “It’s going to be a thankless task, but one I’m prepared to take on for the sake of all the wholesome audience members” she said.

Catch Mrs No Overall and her expert cleaning alongside the likes of Millie Dollar, Velma Von Bon Bon, Lotus Sisters Belly Dance, Bawdrey Hipbone and Talulah Moon. Doors open at 7.30 – and if you still need a ticket, we’ve heard there are around six left via Swansea Grand box office 01792 475715 


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