Burlesque showcase this saturday…

Aren’t we proud?

Well, it’s been three and a half years since DeeDee and myself began running courses and workshops (the first was a workshop in December 2010) and during that time we’ve seen a lot of ladies come through the doors, a lot of gloves peeled and a whole lot of shaking going on.

We still remember fondly our first group of ladies, all nervous at what we had in store – and by the end of the course all wanting to hit the stage -so we put on a showcase for them. that was in July 2011 and to be honest, we haven’t put on another showcase since – not because we didn’t want to, but more the fact that ladies come to our workshops for a variety of different reasons – some for a fun hobby, some to learn something new, some to find themselves after a long marriage or the kids have flown the nest, some to find new friends after moving to the area and a small minority because they want to hit the stage themselves. And because our shows have moved up a gear, we thought it would be intimidating for a new performer’s first time hitting the stage at Swansea Grand in front of 200 people (hence why we started to run Clwb Kaboom! in Llanelli with Theatrau Sir Gar – the much more intimate space of the studio theatre at Ffwrness allows new performers to make the transition from rehearsal room to stage with a lot less pressure).

With a little egging on by Nik and Darren (who co-produce Bluestocking with me) we are looking forward to Saturday’s small-scale show at Mozarts. Marking the three years since we held the first showcase, Saturday’s line-up features performers from each year we’ve been running courses, and mostly a performer or two from each course.

Primrose Proper was one of the participants of the first course, and also the first showcase – she has since gone on to perform at various venues across the UK and is also writing a burlesque book. Teezy Overeazy, who joined our classes in 2012, has also been busy – she’s performed across the four corners of the UK and has picked up the ‘Critics Choice’ award at Leeds’ Varietease this year.

We really can’t wait for saturday to come! And we really appreciate those who have bought tickets and will be coming along to support new talent – some of them have never, ever hit the stage, let alone as a burlesque performer! So thank you for helping to keep the scene alive! And thanks to our fledgling performers, many of whom, were sure, you’ll be seeing a lot more of!!

Lilly x

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