Meet The Performers for our August 16 Show pt 6: Lilly Laudanum

We come to the last in our series of meeting the performers – all of whom will be hitting the stage at Swansea Grand Arts Wing tonight but we couldn’t leave off our Lilly. If you’ve been to our shows a lot you will already know Lilly Laudanum, so we thought we’d tell you three small facts that you might not know about her! 


1. That Lilly has been putting on shows since she was 16… 

Well, actually she put on “shows” a lot earlier than that, staging impromptu plays with her neighbours from the age of 8, for mums and dads and other kids in the street, but come 16, she, together with fellow Frantic Spiders band mates put on their first show in a professional venue to a paying audience (mainly because they were finiding it hard to get gigs so thought they’d put their own on – DIY!) 

2. She has performed for members of the Rolling Stones… 

When Leah Wood turned 21, her mum hired out the London Dungeon, where Lilly was working as an actress, and picked eight actors to ‘entertain’ (well, sentence guests to death!) and crowd mingle in Victorian characters on the condition that no one got start struck… All the guests were in Victorian fancy dress and, apparently, Lilly was kidnapped by some a-listers (who thought she was someone else!) and found herself at the bar alongside Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall amongst others. “Jerry Hall had a radiance, I couldn’t take my eyes off her” she said. 

3. She is an internationally published music journalist

Working for magazines such as Rock Sound, Terrorizer and more, Lilly has interviewed just about anyone in rock (ask her about the time Lemmy called her a c**t). and has travelled across the globe (mainly to the US) on journalistic assignments. You can read some of her archived features here:  

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