Meet The Performers For Our August 16 Show pt 5: Primrose Proper and Bunny Bon Vivant

Well, that came around quickly! We can’t wait for tonight’s Walk On The Wild Side show at Swansea Grand, but before we get out the glitter and false eye lashes, there’s just a few more performers for you to know about, starting with this delightful duo!

Those who are regulars at our shows will already know that lovely Primrose Proper. She has a wealth of colourful routines including Bluebeard’s Castle, her black-clad Scottish widow act ‘Boom or Bust’ and the riot of colour that is her homage to the Japanese Kawaii culture… Tonight sees her team up with Bunny Bon Vivant, a Canadian who has called Swansea her home. She is also a tap dancer (you may recall her 50 Shades Of Grey act a few years ago where she tapped her way to naughtiness!) and a poet, who last performed at Bluestocking’s show as part of last year’s Dylan Thomas Festival, where she (and her ‘migrating tassels’) read extracts from Thomas’ work in between the acts. 

 Milkmaids_bunnybonvivantjugs_MissMothPhotography Milkmaids_primroseproperjugs_MissMothPhotography      

It’s not the first time they’ve teamed up – their cute Milkmaids act made a debut on their burlesque debut, July 2011, a showcase featuring a selection of Bluestocking course ‘graduates’ together with other new performers from across the UK. Tonight they promise an ode to Wuthering Heights with a few plot twists that weren’t in the book – and if you grab some of that confetti you might be interested to note that it is actual pages of the Bronte book!  

Tonight’s show will be a bit special for Bunny, as she moves to Budapest nest week!  

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