Meet The Performers for our August 16 Show pt 4: Flossie Smalls

With the show at Swansea Grand Theatre Arts Wing just tomorrow, there’s a couple more performers you should know about – and today is the turn of Flossie Smalls…


Flossie is a performer based in the Cardiff area who has been performing for a few years. Proving that all the best things come in small packages, she is a fire cracker with imaginative acts. “I find inspiration in many things! Often a piece of costume or snippet of music will get my creative juices going,” she told us when we last saw her perform at a Bluestocking event  (The Welsh Burlesque Festival, co-produced with Cardiff Burlesque). “Sometimes a discussion with someone will start cogs turning, and sometimes its interesting characters, quirks or stories that I want to bring to life on stage. I think you can find beauty in the most unexpected places though, and I love the challenge of realising that beauty creatively.”

In keeping with the theme, she will be performing her beautiful ‘Finding Her Feet’… We can’t wait to see her hit the stage tomorrow!  



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