Saturday’s Walk On The Wild Side Show – phew!

Well, we’ve only just recovered from something of a wild night – yes, our August 16 show really lived up to its name, with acts themed on the feral and you, the audience, were electric right from the off! 

The start of the day was quite serene in contrast, with belly dancer Fulya, from Northampton running her beautiful veil fan workshop. Those who were at the workshop learned dynamic use of these lovely props, and Fulya’s fun lesson really encouraged creative thinking! We must give a shout out to the lovely Ella and her hens, who hadn’t much sleep and were with us for the workshop and the show! 

Then we headed to the Grand for the show, which kicked off with our Dawn and Deedee’s wild introduction… We have to say, DeeDee really rocks a leopard print, and we were quite taken with Dawn’s monobrow (we’ll be throwing away our tweezers!)

Walkonthewildside_FlossieSmalls_FindingHerfeet_MissMoth Walkonthewildside_KhandieKhisses_Darkbeforedawn_MissMoth

(pics copyrite Moss Moth Photographic Arts)

We saw performances from Lilly Laudanum and her little willy (a horse!), Primrose Proper and Bunny Bon Vivant’s wild love act Wuthering Heights and Lows, the lovely Flossie Smalls took us to the land of make believe with her beautiful fawn, Fulya spellbound us with her fan veils routine and her Green Manalishi veil dance, Domino unleashed her Serpent Queen and went wild with Ungawa and Khandie Khisses just sent you all wild in general, especially with her King Kong!

So, what a wild show it was! Topped as ever, by a lovely curry with the Bluestocking family (performers, behind the scenes people and audience members!) in our favourite curry house, Panshee!  

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