Meet The Performer: Constance Peach

We can’t wait until Saturday night’s Christmas show, the rather scorching Hothouse Flowers – and our line up will definitely set fire to the night! So we thought with only a few days to go, that you’d like to get to know Constance Peach, who has come out of ‘burlesque semi-retirement’ to perform for you!

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Constance Peach is a pocket rocket, loaded with avant guard routines, ostentatious and elaborate costumes and nymphish charm. She is a little bit naughty, but always very nice, as those who were at our Sweetness and Light show, April 2013 will tell you! Just like her moniker suggests, she is a sublime but fruity cocktail with added sparkle. Performing for a few years now, Constance is also a model and has a rather impressive collection of animals (yes, real ones!) and has regularly headlined across the UK and beyond, with her signature act, The Bellini, an impressive, novel way of making a cocktail (she makes it on herself – we’d love to see this catch on with cocktail makers in cocktail bars across the country!) causing a fruity scene on stages everywhere.

An international performer, Constance Peach will be adding a decadent edge with routines that are the embodiment of classical burlesque and the avant garde… Expect the unexpected as Constance brings fairy tale characters to life through her heavily adorned costumes and magnificent storytelling, and we’re particularly excited that she will be debuting a brand new act!

If you’ve got a ticket you can catch Constance, alongside headliner Lady Wildflower, Sandy Sure, Lilly Laudanum, Daisy Dalore and Boris and Doris Von Sneeze at Saturday’s Hothouse Flowers show. Doors open at 7.30 for an 8pm start!

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