Happy new year!

Well, what a year 2014 was! We certainly had a great time – and we hope you did too! You’ve certainly been an appreciative audience and your excitement for the acts we’ve brought down has really made our nights! So we thought we’d take a look at some of the highlights of our Bluestocking Lounge shows in 2014…



What a show our our Dangerous Dames was! And our headliner Crimson Skye did not disappoint – in fact, a certain regular BSL-goer will never look at a banana again in the same way! We loved Duncan Donut (and his flute!) we loved her ‘Crazy’ act, too! We also had World Burlesque Games British Crown finalist Odelia Opium, who brought a heady mix of dark burlesque, the colourful and brilliant Poppy Raine, and hotty from Cardiff Poppy Vanguard, and her wicked performance turned out to be one of her last shows -boo! And who could forget the Devil going down to Georgia, courtesy of Scarlet Blush and Sassy Beau Sparkles…



We took a trip to the movies which brought our headliner Lena Mae’s excellent and very different acts! Her Machinenmensh was a spinetingling tribute to Metropolis while her Rocky certainly packed the punches… Talulah Blue added a twist of Tarantino to the mix, while we headed to France via the eclectic chords and comedy of accordion-toting totty Anna Lou. Our favrourite bus pass powered burlesquers Boris and Doris gave a nod to Grease and newcomer from our course Daisy Dalore made her debut with a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang inspired act…



Now our Vagabonds and Queens show is where things really hotted up, thanks to a line-up featuring the reigning Queen of British Burlesque, Bruise Violet and a certain Bear… We know you all love a bit of glitter and Bruise Violet definitely delivered on that front with an explosion of glitter and confetti (we hope the cleaners saw the funny side when they entered the Arts Wing to clear up!) to match her explosive performances! Yes, it was like Versuvius, only much more glitter… Dave the Bear… Well what can you say about Dave the Bear? What can anyone say about this boylesque pocket rocket, actually? Except that you all LOVED him… Someone had their thigh licked and you were all moved in some way. There was even a Dave The Bear cake. Ginger Blush brought things to a royal conclusion with her rather excellent Queen Elizabeth I themed act – she also had a novel way of making tea! And Primrose Proper, one of our lovely lasses, showed us what happens when you go in the red!



A Walk on the Wild Side saw our double headline event, with Domino Barbeau and Khandie Khisses, both international performers, bring the house down. Domino provided sophistication and intoxicating precision with her snake charmer and Ungawa acts, while Khandie Khisses lived up to the theme of the show and literally went wild! And you loved it! She was genuinely touched by your standing ovation! (and we had a live comedy show backstage, our sides have only just stopped aching from her banter). We also had mesmerising belly dance from Fulya, whose veil and veil fan routines were breathtaking. Then we had one of the most beautiful acts to hit the stage, Flossie Smalls’ ‘Finding Her Feet’, which you all know better as the Fawn character… We waved a fond farewell to Bunny Bon Vivant too, and she headed off to Budapest with a hilarious joint act with Primrose Proper that references Wuthering Heights. And Beards.



Our annual theatre show in Carmarthen proved true to its moniker as Varaietease-a-rama saw headliner Kiki Lovechild perform his original blend of puppetry and burlesque… FooFoo LaBelle took to the sky for her aerial hoop nod to Conchita Wurst. We also had Glory Pearl, a brilliant comic and character performer who we have been promising to bring to wales for ages! Daisy Dalore hit the big stage once again, as did our Boris and Doris Von Sneeze and the fantastic Didi Curv’e and Honey Holiday had everyone in stitches with their spot on characterisation to music of Laurel and Hardy… it was a VERY fine mess, we can tell you!


We set the doors to manual and prepared for take off when our Come Fly With Me show hit the Arts Wing, and we have to say, we’ve never seen so many flight attendants and cabin crew in attendance! Or so many first class-looking audience members! Peggy DeLune literally brought the house down with her fantastic Fly Me To Chicago act and we have never laughed so hard as when we saw Betty Blue Eyes’ alien finding love with a hoover… Dulcie Demure was the cheekiest Carmen Miranda you’ll ever see and a certain audience member (who shall remain nameless, just that ‘if Mario Bros could fly…’ that is all) will never look at a bowl of fruit in the same way again (we sense a theme with fruit and it never looking the same again…) Boris and Doris went on a cruise, too!



So we finished the year off in style with a show of epic proportions! Our Hothouse Flowers saw the wonderful Lady Wildflower come back to Swansea with her breath-taking Dragon and scorching Fire Imp acts. We also saw the return to Wales of one of our faves Sandy Sure, who got all fruity (fruit again!) with her Juicy Disco and sophisticated Lapis Lazuli act. Constance Peach, who we might add is great fun backstage – brought her Pegasus to life and got all dandy on us with Fich Dich. Boris and Doris brought the spirit of Christmas withtheir Father Christmas themed act and Daisy Dalore ended her rather brilliant year in burlesque on our stage!

There have been others we’ve not mentioned above who also brought the magic, and without whom the show wouldn’t exist, our Double Ds of course! Host Dee Dee DeLa Rouge (who we know makes you very welcome, especially if a pint of wine is involved) and our Dawn – and we look forward to seeing that crack of Dawn in February. There’s also Lilly Laudanum, our resident performer and we also have to say a massive thanks to Sadie, Chio and Claire, who filled in for our Dawn when she couldn’t be with us.

Of course, we also have to thank our snappers, Miss Moth, Hoosh, Great Big Show Off and DNA Photography as without their magic lenses you would not be able to relive the moments on stage! Massive thanks also to Fancy That Vegan Bakery, who supply our cakes (by the way, she makes stuff to order so if you are celebrating a birthday, etc, get in touch!) and Boosh Salon for Dee’s barnet! Also Nik and Darren, those ‘unseen’ legends who work with Lilly to bring you the show…

So here’s to 2015 – we’ll give you a little taster of what is going to be happening very soon, but in the meantime thanks for supporting your show! We’ll be celebrating 5 years in February, thanks to all of you for being entertained and being part of it!

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