A look back at our 2014 classes

Seeing as our first course of 2015 will be starting in a weeks time, we thought we’d take a look back over our classes of 2014, and, rather excitingly!, our showcase in the summer, featuring Bluestocking students past and present. 

Of course DeeDee and Lilly wouldn’t be able to run the classes without the support of Revue Studios and Stacey (yes, she is the one at the shows with the cheeky laugh!) who are always very encouraging of our girls and who, along with DeeDee and Lilly, also provide support after the courses have finished with room hire, advice and more.

Ladies join Bluestocking courses for a variety of reasons – perhaps they have been a devoted wife and mother and are only now getting some ‘me’ time by doing something completely different, perhaps they have lost confidence and are looking for a way to find it, perhaps the journey we take them on for that six weeks is a journey of discovery (we are very proud to be part of some very special journeys of discovery including one lady who was finding her feminine side and confidence before transitioning at work…), it might just be a fun hobby or way of meeting new people after moving to the area (and we have to say, our girls do tend to make tight friendship bonds!) or that they want to perform themselves. Whatever the reason our girls join the six week course, we guarantee they will learn something about themselves and that they will have fun!

BSLcourseJan2014 WP_20140805_004 BSLbeginnersOctober2014

(some of 2014 students – don’t they look lovely!)

We kicked off the new year in style last January with one of our most colourful groups of ladies and one participant in particular that we are very proud of! She started her burly journey a year ago in Revue Studios and since then, Daisy Dalore has hit stages as far afield as Belfast, when she performed at the very first Belfast Burlesque Festival… We also saw Damson Danger hit the stage and we are hoping she will make a return after the arrival of her rather special bundle of joy!

Throughout the year we have enjoyed seeing even the most timid and self conscious of ladies blossom into beautiful flowers, we really love that moment when they find a new sense of confidence (not really from taking their clothes off, but from the eye contact and walking tall techniques we teach). We love seeing that spark emerge – it’s usually when participants start coming to the class more and more dressed up! We also love it when our ladies find a new set of friends and open themselves up to new experiences, which is mainly what happened with our summer group! And our march group saw two more go on to hit the stage, even though they are first were reluctant! They’ve also turned into fantastic new performers! Our end of the year class were a joy to teach, and we are looking forward to a few of them wanting to hit the stage themselves, so we cannot wait to see what they come up with!

We usually run one advance six week course a year, which goes more into the craft of staging, constructing and choreography and the more technical side such as music choices with homework from the course to construct a routine. We have to say we were so impressed with the work of our ladies that we decided to put on an intimate showcase, solely for our class students, so they could experience what it is like to hit the stage in front of a live audience. Mozarts proved the ideal venue and the audience were so supportive of all our new girls!

We saw fantastic acts by Mae Breakheart, Alicia Kanns, Bailey Blue, Jubilee Rose and Belle V’Dere, Daisy Dalore, Zonian Blu and the return of Teezy Overeasy and Primrose Proper… and we were chuffed to be reunited with our old show partners Gas Station Bop!

We loved the results so much (DeeDee and Lilly were almost in tears of pride at one point!) we’ll be doing it again this year. We also had guest spots from previous Bluestocking students Primrose Proper (who was on our first course in 2011) and Teezy Overeazy (who started lessons in 2012 and has made a serious impact since, helping to build the Belfast scene since she moved back). The show also led to some performers making their debut at our sister night Clwb Kaboom! in Llanelli and then a prestigious newcomers slot on our main bluestocking Lounge shows.


We have also held a number of birthday and hen parties at Revue, including one which spanned the generations (granddaughter to nan! and we have to say the nan was very naughty and a lot of fun!) and a surprise birthday party which our lovely birthday girl had no idea what she was turning up to do… We also asked the wonderful Fulya to hold a veil fan masterclass which was as inspiring as it was creative!

So here’s to all the ladies who took part in 2014. You’ve made us very proud indeed! We are looking forward to inspiring, challenging and meeting everyone who joins us at Revue Studios this year, and hopefully seeing some old faces who want to take their new found skills to the stage in 2015 (details of our Advance curse will be posted very shortly!)

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