5 Years! A Retrospective part 5 – 2014

So now we reach last year on our little look back and finally we crossed off a few more of the performers on our wish list (btw, this list is very long and we’re eventually working through it!) to bring to you lovely audience in Wales. We saw more of our Bluestocking students hit the stage and we ran another showcase, something we’re keen to do again, as we totally loved the vibe of the show, the audience were very supportive and we just loved seeing new performers step out for the first time – plus it gave us the chance to team up with our Gas Station Bop friends again! 

February – Dangerous Dames


So here is where we start ticking our wish-list off with the wonderful Crimson Skye. She’d been on our radar for a few years and we totally love her – and her ‘friend’ Duncan, so we started the year off with a bang. And a flute. We can never look at a flute again. And a certain audience member still looks at bananas in a knowing way. We also welcomed the opulent and heady acts of Odelia Opium whose themes and costuming are thoroughly intoxicating – we love her Chinese Ghost Wedding act. Poppy Vanguard performed her Jackie O tribute and the lovely Poppy Raine travelled up from the West Country for your delight with her Day Of The Dead act. Lilly Laudanum’s characters got a little bit more dangerous with her nod to the Countess Bathory’s Finishing School for Girls (the emphasis on finishing) and Mary Tudor, who dispatched 300 to their maker in her 6 year reign. We also had a fabulous act courtesy of Scarlet Blush and Sassy Beau Sparkles when the Devil Devil Went Down To Georgia…

April – Saturday Night At The Movies


We headed for the the big screen as inspiration for our April show and were delighted to welcome back that blonde bombshell Lena Mae. Her tribute to Metropolis was just spellbinding, and anyone who has seen the film would have felt the hairs rise on the back of their neck as her Machinenmensch took to the stage. Her Rocky was also genius – so fit – lol! Taluah Blue’s acts were loaded with glamour and grace and her Down In Mexico bump and grind nod to Tarantino was cheeky and sassy. We also introduced you to London’s Anna Lou – we love anna Lou and accordion-powered her naughty stories – and those who had been at our Clwb Kaboom in nov 2013 would have seen her first! Boris and Doris gave thier tribute to Grease – just hilarious! and Daisy Dalore paid homage to the wind up doll in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And what can we say about our Dawn? We bloody love Dawn, and stepping out as David Bowie – labyrinth style was just awesome. We know a few who blew a gasket (ourselves included!) when her package (not her crack) was revealed to contain some hairspray!

June – Vagabonds and Queens 


It seems that most of 2014’s shows were wild, actually! And when our June show hit the Arts Wing, the temperature really hotted up courtesy of our headliner Bruise Violet – the newly crowned British Queen Of burlesque. She brought the Balkan flavour with her fortune teller act and we can never get enough of her! Meanwhile Dave The Bear caused a stir in a massive way! There are no words for Dave The Bear, you just have to see him in action. He is a maverick and his acts just leave us speechless. In a good way. Some of you were eagerly anticipating his arrival – we saw a birthday being celebrated with a special Dave The Bear cake (although the Dave reclining on the icing had a lot less clothing on, you naughties!) and we hear someone had their thigh licked. Ginger Blush was another performer we wanted to tick off our wanted list, with her brilliant, clever and comedic interpretations of public figures. Queen Elizabeth I went down a storm as did her Royal Tea act… We think some of you even enjoyed a couple of custard creams. Lilly’s Queen Victoria was disgusted at the cleavage on display again and Primrose Proper’s clever Scottish Widows inspired act made reference to rogue traders when she went in the red.

August – A Walk On The Wild Side


Our mid summer double headline event was another wild show – as it says ‘on the tin’. We welcomed back the opulent acts of Domino Barbeau who charmed snakes, and Khandie Khisses – another ticked off our list – just went ape – literally, when she swung around the theatre dressed as King Kong. We also welcomed the beautiful Fulya, a mesmerising belly dancer whose silk veil and veil fan acts were just stunning. In the afternoon she ran a masterclass in the art of veil fans, which was inspiring and creative and it was wonderful to see these moves in the contecxt of a routine. Flossie SMalls performed at BLuestocking for the first time – we can’t believe she has been on our radar for so long but has only just hit our stage! We love her Fawn act! Lilly’s little willy went wild and we waved off Bunny Bon Vivant in style when she and Primrose Proper performed a hilarious tribute to Wuthering Heights. And look at Dawn. just look at her. We think she rather enjoyed having a mono brow and the wild woman act rather suits her, doncha think? As ever DeeDee was on top form and managed to control the feral energy of the night in her elegant way (even if it does involve a pint of wine!). Our sponsors Fancy That Bakery made some wonderful animal print cakes for you lucky people who celebrated summer birthdays with us…

September – Varietease-a-rama, Carmarthen’s Lyric


We headed to Carmarthen once again for our yearly theatre show and yes, you guessed it, ticked off another of our wish list when Kiki Lovechild unfolded his chapeau… His acts are clever, comedic and inspired, blending puppetry and clowning to tell delightful stories. We loved what he did with a hat! Also on the bill, Glory Pearl – we’ve been promising this lady a show for years and finally she arrived in a flurry of wrinkled tights as Ethel and her naughty but nice look at apothecary (be careful of those pills, they can reach parts others can’t, apparently!). Didi Curv’e and Honey Holiday got into another fine mess with their inspired Laurel and Hardy themed act – complete with assels! and FooFoo laBelle took to the air with her breathtaking – and funny – tribute to eurovision winner Conchita. Lilly Laudanum charmed some snakes out of places they really shouldn’t have been and Boris and Doris showed us some big pants. Daisy Dalore’s act was just beautiful… Dawn couldn’t be with us on this evening so the beautiful Sadie stepped in to ensure everything went smoothly…

October – Come Fly With Me

We took to the skies for a first class nod to trains boats and planes with our October show and the hilarious antics of Peggy DeLune ensured everyone was ready for a take off. We love her! Dulcie Demure jetted in, complete with a lovely pair of massive… maracas. She is just hilarious – we love her face! Betty Blue Eyes dropped in via a flying saucer and fell in love with a hoover (you really had to be there to see this!) and Boris and Doris took to the high seas as they boarded a cruise. Lilly Laudanum got a bit too into her trainspotter act – apparently before its debut she could be seen on various platforms across Wales taking photos of trains, apparently for “research” (we think there’s bit more too it than that – just don’t get her on the subject of class 37s…) while DeeDee came in to land courtesy of Chio! We also gave Mae Breakheart, our naughty librarian and Alicia Kanns, our hitchhiking honey their Bluestocking debut! They went down a storm!

December – Hothouse Flowers


As the nights drew longer and the air got chillier we wanted something that was going to warm your christmas cockles and our Hothouse Flowers certainly did that! We welcomed back Lady Wildflower – we’ve been wanting to bring her back for 10850291_10203052726349311_6984077843842608400_nyear since she performed at one of our Milkwood Jam shows and her dragon took your breath away. One of the audience members admitted to having the biggest girl crush ever, while another on our course said Lady Wildflower is her hero! We like that kind of response! And we love Lady Wildflower – her Fire Imp is also a stunning and theatrical spectacle! Constance Peach came back and delivered her naughty Pegasus act and Sandy Sure got fruity with her Juicy and hot new routine. Scrooge scared some of you in the dark, shouting Bah humbug! to all things Christmas while Boris and Doris gave us a glimpse into their Christmas morning parlour. And we can’t forget our lovely Daisy Dalore who finished off a great year on the stage – the same time last year she was in the audience thinking, ‘I want to do this!’ and a year later had achieved just that. Again, our lovely Dawn was AWOL so we enlisted the help of hot stuffs Chio and Primrose Proper who kept everything in order and DeeDee had a christmas pint of wine!

Also in 2014…

We stepped up our Clwb Kaboom! shows, which we produce with Theatrau Sir Gar at llanelli’s ffwrnes Theatre. We love doing these shows as it gives us a chance to put new talent on the stage – and for audiences to be seeing what could possibly be the next great thing in the cabaret world to come out of Wales. March saw Stormtroopers via MoreOrLesque Sisters,    A hula hooping honey – the lovey Delilah Disgrace, the wonderful Miss Lolly Rouge who powder puffed the audience, plus newcomers Daisy Dalore (we’re chuffed to say she hit the burlesque scene running in 2014 – since graduating from our course she’s performing everywhere and made her debut at the Belfast Burlesque Festival in november). We also saw a debut from the lovely Damson Danger and her cute teddy bears picnic in Bare Necessities.  march_act1collage_HAPhotographyKaboomJuly2014collage

July’s Kaboom saw the amazing Aliah belly dancer, and her vivid costumes and stunning veil work. We also welcomed back Lou Leigh Blue and her Mummy (love this act!) and Gemma Sheree performed in the UK for the CKNov14_TuesdayLaveauEye1_DNAPhotographyfinal time before heading CKNov14_Curtaincall2_DNAPhotographyoff to the warmer climes of Australia just days later. It was an emotional show for her, also, because her cousin was in the audience celebrating her hen party. We welcomed back our Belfast beauty Teezy Overeazy, another of our girls done good and we have to say her King Julien character just rocked the house. Totally. November’s Kaboom was one of our best yet, with a sell out crowd and more of our newcomers performing to rapturous response. We had Bailey Blue’s Which Witch act, the lovely Jubilee Rose and Belle V’Dere took us to the lab and their burlesque monster, we had excellent belly dance from Boho Fusion and Flossy and Boo gave us some naughty ukelele-powered songs, while Flossie Smalls brought her magical fawn to Llanelli. Our headliner was booty shaking beauty Tuesday Laveau – she cast her Voodoo magic on us and we’ve never seen such a beautiful eye!

We also held our second ever showcase with a Bluestocking-only line-up, featuring Teezy Overeasy, Lilly Laudanum, Primrose Proper and a bevvy of beautiful new performers, some of them stepping out on stage for the very first time. We’re glad to say it won’t be the one and only chance you’ll get to see these performers – some of them have already hit our bigger stages and we hope you’ll be seeing a lot more of them – plus more new performers in 2015!

So that concludes our look back over the last five years! We hope you’ve enjoyed remembering the amazing talent from far and wide that has hit the stage for your entertainment… and we hope you’ll enjoy what we have in store for you in 2015!  

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