Meet The Performer: Mae Breakheart, performing tomorrow!

Well, you might have seen the lovely Mae Breakheart at our showcase, and those of you who were at our Come Fly With Me show would have seen her again! We thought we should give you a formal introduction before you meet her tomorrow! 

ComeFly_MaeBreakheartLibrarian2_DNAPhotographyMae Breakheart started her burly journey with us in March 2014 and we have to say we are so chuffed she did! She made her debut at our showcase in mozarts and showed confidence, creativity and a brilliant comedic streak (see what we did there?) with her librarian (with OCD – she has to fold everything that is taken off, you might notice) act. Tomorrow night she will be debuting a very different act with a love theme and we are very excited to see it! We’re expecting great things for this young lady in 2015!

Doors for our Mad Love show show open at 7.30 tomorrow night and we cannot wait to share our line up of Scarlett Daggers, The Flaming Feathers, Tickety Boo, Lilly Laudanum and Mae Breakheart! Dress to impress – it’s valentines night! and if anyone fancies popping the question – DeeDee would bloody love that!! – drop us a line and we’ll make that possible!  

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