Things They Didn’t Tell You When You Started Doing Burlesque

So you started performing, then? Awesome! Here’s a list of things they didn’t tell you, but you might want to know…  

1 – You will be fingering beige coloured things in various underwear stores – checking for invisible panty line (finding the perfect safety knickers!)

2 – You will be sick of hearing the same song over and over, but love it when you are on stage!

3 – Safety pins are your friends… And the easiest way to make friends back stage!

4 – You will spend your saturday nights looking like a drag queen. We love drag!

5 –  When you hear your certain song on the radio, you will automatically perform your act in your head

6 – You will start to look at objects in an odd manner – odd to those who don’t do burlesque, but not odd to you – what’s odd about carpet bashers / sheep’s heads / hay bales / (insert your own wild choice here) when it comes to props?

7 – You will find glitter everywhere. for weeks. And places you never thought glitter would go…

8 – That you should never, ever buy cheap, thin pants (or pants with lacy sections in all the right places for private use, but all the wrong areas for public) for acts.., When camera flashes go off, you might as well be naked! Yes, even wearing black!

9 – Re above point… This is why we wear nude safety pants!

10 – That rhinestoning… everything… is addictive – more more-ish than class As…

11 – That biscuit-coloured tights are attractive – as in nude coloured fishnet tights! Very flattering for legs, just make sure you cut off the waistband and don’t buy the kind with a gusset…

12 – that tights with a gusset will make you look like you’ve had an ‘unfortunate accident’ if you bend over on stage…

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