May’s Clwb Kaboom! Is Set for A Bit Of Magic!

Alongside their usual eclectic bill of comedy, burlesque and cabaret, Bluestocking Lounge and Cabaret Coch have a bit of magic lined up for May’s Clwb Kaboom! literally, in the shape of rising cabaret magician Dee Riley!

We’re bringing back to Wales one of Bluestocking’s most successful students, Tickety Boo. This lovely has done rather well for herself, performing overseas as well as regularly delighting the UK burlesque scene with acts that include her Gnome Come Home and signature Mosquito. In 2013 she won Best Solo Performer at the Dublin Burlesque Festival to add to her clutch of awards…

The West Country’s Poppy Raine is a neo burlesque performer whose beautiful acts are a sight to behold. This tattooed beauty is also an alternative model with a slew of acts, based on themes including the Mexican Day Of The Dead and vintage belly dancer/spy Mata Hari, which have taken her across Britain and beyond.

So we promised you a bit of magic, and here he is! Dee Riley is a magician/cabaret performer who has performed for the likes of Katy Perry, Russell Grant, David Haye and David Emanuel among others and regularly haunts the stages of London’s West End, including the Cafe De Paris and more. His dark, edgy style and flair, coupled with a few on-stage surprises will certainly add a sense of enchantment – less of the trick, but all of the treat!

Resident performer Lilly Laudanum is one of only two more artists performing at the London International Burlesque Festival the day after this very show! She will be giving audiences a preview of what London has in store in the shape of her signature act Victoria’s Secret, plus we have our on-going newcomer slots where you get the chance to support two new performers making their debut! This month sees Jack and Lolly Follie, both fresh off the Bluestocking course! We know you will give them a huge welcome!

As ever our Double Ds will be hosting the show – that’s DeeDee DeLa Rouge with Dawn

Tickets for this show at the bargain price of £8 are only available from Carmarthenshire Theatres Theatrau Sir Gar box office: 0845 226 3510 or via this link:

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