Fire On Starlight: A Night Of 1940s Entertainment

Poetry, burlesque and cabaret? Yes, it’s all happening at the Dylan Thomas Centre, Friday November 6 at Fire On Starlight: A Night Of 1940s Entertainment, as part of this year’s Dylan Thomas Festival.

We’ll be joining forces once again with the lovely folks at the Dylan Thomas Centre to produce a show for the Dylan Thomas festival.

NaughtyButNice_LollyFollieFemmeFatale6_MissMothFire On Starlight brings together burlesque and comedy performers, plus fiery flamenco dance and lindy hop – all from the South Wales area, with snippets of one of the world’s greatest wordsmiths’ works. Performances include an exotic flamenco-inspired fan dance from the beautiful Chio Hezar, hot-footed lindy action from the The Revue Lindy Hoppers, comedy from the unforgettable Boris And Doris Von Sneeze and 1940s-themed burlesque acts from Bluestocking’s favourite Welsh performers including Daisy DaloreTeezy OvereazyPrimrose Proper‘Jack’, Mae Breakheart, Taffy BoJangles and Lolly Follie.

This year’s show will be slightly different as our lovely DeeDee will be sunning herslef on a cruise… She did contemplate running the show through satelight link up but we thought that wouldn’t be in keeping with our theme!  So in her absence, Lilly Laudanum will be holding the fort – and the mic – to bring you excerpts from Dylan Thomas’s works…

Allow yourself to be transported back to Dylan Thomas’ era, and come along in your best 1940s dress!

Tickets, priced £7 (£2.50 PTL), are available from the Dylan Thomas Centre, 01792 463980 of from this link:

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