Meet The Performer: Joe Black, performing at our Bra Humbug! show 19 December

Well, it’s only a few weeks away so we thought we’d start introducing you to our wonderful performers, starting with the frankly great Joe Black! This feature is taken from an interview I did with him for Terrorizer magazine. Pic is copyright Greg Bailey…

Joe Black – the metro call him “The King of alternative cabaret” and Jonathan Ross calls him “amazing”… He is a gin drinking cabaret darling, musical comedy misfit, drag clown and acid tongued ringmaster who resides somewhere between the stages of music, theatre and comedy. He will take you firmly by the hand and guide you into a place where the strange and unusual reign supreme.

He writes his own music (yes, has a number of releases under his garter belt!) and performs tributes to bygone artists. He first hit the stage a decade ago at a charity show, playing a Dresden Dolls song…

JB: “I wanted to do something but I was unbelievably shy and played it really quietly and I was shaking. The crowd gave me an amazing response and I was addicted. When I’ve not got any shows for a few weeks I get really depressed. It releases endorphins; it’s like eating chocolate or being in love. It’s such a rush and thrill and a horrible come down afterwards.”

How did you get involved in the burlesque scene?

JB: “They just embraced me. I was doing my own stuff at rock shows, there was a burlesque night in Portsmouth and I went to perform in the interval. Word spread and I felt very looked after by the burlesque scene. It’s such a nice community and they really embraced me and I felt like I’d found my place as I felt a bit of a novelty at rock shows and it really confused people.”

He also runs the very successful House of Burlesque at the grand Kings Theatre, Portsmouth.

JB: “I like being a producer and putting on shows and setting up people’s evenings. It’s almost like organising a party – an expensive party. I like the idea of people choosing to spend their evening out at something I’ve done. It’s awesome to see how it comes together.”

To read more on Joe Black, head for; joe will be hitting the stage at our Bra Humbug show, December 19 at the Arts Wing, Swansea Grand Theatre… Doors open 7.30pm! 



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