Meet The Performer: Screaming Keating, hitting Clwb Kaboom! Friday 22 January

With our Clwb Kaboom! in Llanelli’s Ffwrnes Theatre just days away, we thought we’d introduce you to a boylesque treasure! Screaming Keating! His dance routines with fellow performer Ophelia Wilde are nothing short of spectacular, while his own boylesque routines are full of cheekiness and reference cult and culture (Bella Lugosi and Cabaret anyone?). We asked him to give us the lowdown on how he met his lovely dance partner, neo burlesque performer Ophelia Wilde… 

OpheliaandKeating“[We] first met in June 2014 at Bristol Pride, Miss Wilde was tearing up the Cabaret stage and I was looking after the ladies backstage… Their eyes met… ‘You dancing?’ I said… ‘You asking?’ she said. I asked Wilde to arabesque for me, then lifted her… Gasps abounded all around at the beauty of it all! A match made in Bristol! We are very pleased to be bringing their ‘Tango De Roxanne’ To Clwb Kaboom, 5 minutes of raw passion ‘said in a Welsh accent’!”
There you have it – the tale of two star crossed dance lovers, according to Mr Keating! We also asked him for 5 quick facts on boylesque… here’s what he said (if you were at our last Kaboom! at Halloween, you will definitely know what he means re number 1 and 4!):
Number 1: Sir Midnight Blue’s body is fake.
Number 2: HA HA number 2!
Number 3: Tap dancing on a carpeted stage is not the highlight of anyone’s career.
Number 4: Don’t stand next to Dis Charge on stage – you’ll look like a librarian in contrast.
Number 5: I’m way younger than Ophelia Wilde…
Screaming Keating will be performing along with Ophelia Wilde, Lilly Laudanum, Betty Blue Eyes, Mae Breakheart, Jack and Daisy Dalore this friday. Tickets are still available from the Theatrau Sir Gar Box office 0845 226 3510 or online here


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