Meet The performer: Scarlet Blush,performing at Clwb Kaboom! Tomorrow Night!

With a packed line-up of performers, tomorrows show looks set to be a scorcher, bringing together a cast of performers from across the UK… Joining our lovely Cardiff beauty Miss Betty Blue Eyes (you can ‘meet’ her here), current British Crown of Burlesque title holder Lilly Laudanum, West Country wondergirl Ophelia Wilde, Bristol boylesquer Screaming Keating plus Welsh stunners Daisy Dalore, Mae Breakheart and Jack is Cardiff cutie Scarlet Blush… 

One of the most brilliant acts we’ve seen on the Bluestocking stage is that of Scarlet Blush’s Molly Malone… Those of you who were at our Sweetness and Light show will recall her characterised version of one of Dublin Fair City’s maids, selling cockles and muscles – and even accruing some crabs along the way… Well, we are delighted to report she is back in action with another act loaded with clever twists and turns, as she attempts to board a train – but gets a little bit tied up in the process… Scarlet Blush is from Cardiff and has been performing burlesque for a number of years. she also performs as part of Foo Foo Labelle’s Cabaret troupe, recently seen at the International Wales Cabaret Festival.

Scarlet Blush will be hitting the stage tomorrow at Clwb Kaboom! Tickets are available from the Carmarthenshire Theatres box office: 0845 226 3510 

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