Our Ticket Shop Has Moved!

That’s right! You can now buy tickets for our shows, classes, workshops and more directly from us over at our BigCartel store here: buy tickets  Look out for our early bird discounts on show tickets – we offer £3 off the face value when tickets are purchased directly through us earlier than a month before the show date.  


You can also buy tickets in person from Hobos, Oxford Street, Swansea and also from Swansea Grand Theatre box office: 01792 475715

A few dates for your diary: 

June 10  Bluestocking Lounge presents: A Very British Summer It’s a case of stiff upper lips all round when Mister Meredith, Audacity Chutzpah and more hit Swansea to celebrate summer in style! Tickets on sale now – make sure you head to our tickets page before May 10 to take advantage of our Early Bird Discount – gets you £3 off the face value!


August 19  Bluestocking Lounge presents: Hot, Hot, Hot! Missy Malone returns for the hottest month of the year, with the amazing Amber Topaz! Tickets on sale now from the tickets page…


October 14 – Bluestocking Lounge presents: Living in the 80s! Yes, we really are having a burlesque/cabaret homage to the decade that gave us everything! Velma Von Bon Bon (and we’re sure Natalia Kalashnikof!) and Tuesday Laveau feature.


December 16 – Bluestocking Lounge presents: Hark The Vivid Angels Fling! Our End of the year seasonal celebration features one of our favourites Vivid Angel plus one performer we’ve been trying to grab for ages – the ukelele-toting totty Tricity Vogue!

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