Meet The Performer: Starla Bright, performing at our Summer Time Blues show, June 10

So, it’s nearly that time again! We can’t believe two months have flown past already! So it’s only right that we introduce you to our exciting line-up, beginning with Starla Bright… 

Starla Bright 1You may have seen her closest friends Flixx Demontrant and Atheria Hart grace our stage in the past and it’s only right we brought you Starla Bright! Hailing from Sheffield, Starla brings a sense of theatrical burlesque to the occasion. Her acts are like delicious cheesecake, but always with an original flavour – fun, cheeky and are guaranteed to make you go ‘pop’! 

A professional dancer and choreographer for many years, as well as burlesque, Starla has appeared on screen, on stage and even in a cage! She’s performed as part of a can-can troupe and managed and starred in two long-running 70s disco shows. We’re sure you’ll catch some of that ‘disco fever’ in her high energy acts which will leave you breathless!

Our gumball gal’s acts always feature a narrative, and when Alice isn’t falling into undieland, Starla might be assisting the Grand Theatre staff sell their confections – like never before! Reaching for that popcorn will never be the same again, we can assure you!

See Starla Bright alongside Mister Meredith, Audacity Chutzpah, Scarlet Blush, Ernie Sparkles and Eddie Kelly Saturday June 10. We have just one ticket left via and there’s just a handful left via Swansea Grand box office 01792 475715 and Hobos in Oxford Street..  

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