Meet The Performer: Roxy Stardust, Performing Tomorrow at Bluestocking Lounge

Our eighth birthday show will be getting into gear this time tomorrow and we thought we’d better introduce you to another one of our fab performers, who will be making the evening one hell of a party… Step forward Roxy Stardust!

RoxyStardustsmallerDescribed as “Explosively Gallus” and dubbed the “Powerhouse of Scottish Burlesque”, Roxy Stardust has performed throughout the UK, Europe and has toured the US multiple times. She has shared bills with some of the world’s premier performers and delighted audience members both at home and internationally. A pioneer of the neo-burlesque scene in Scotland, Roxy is recognised as one of the top producers of Scottish burlesque and cabaret, playing a vital role in the revival of burlesque throughout Scotland, and is the mastermind behind the classic Monster A-GoGo Events. She also produces the Glasgow Burlesque festival and is a regular host at the Edinburgh Festival.

Roxy is also a formally trained actress, singer and dancer, and can also be found performing as her Drag King alter ego “Rodeo McGregor” or as her sassy grandmother “Granny Stardust” both of whom have many acts of there own! We can’t wait for her to bring some of that Gaelic charm to the Bluestocking stage!

Roxy Stardust will be hitting the Bluestocking Lounge stage tomorrow night. Doors open at 7.30 – remember, we don’t charge a premium for the VIP seating, just get there early to get the best seats in the house! Ooh, and did we say it’s our birthday (hint!) Come dressed ready to party! 

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