Meet The Performer: Ozgen, Performing at our April 7 Show – This Saturday!

Our Flowers Of Romance show is just days away, so we thought we’d introduce you to another very impressive performer – Mr Ozgen!

OzgenSkirt2A hotly in-demand performer across the globe, Ozgen is a master Turkish belly dancer who is constantly wowing audiences internationally, most recently the likes of Japan, Australia and the United States. His full length shows, ‘ask’ and ‘Tales Of A Sleeping Man’ (which he directs, produces and trains all the cast himself) have brought Turkish flavoured belly dance to new audiences, pushing the genre into the domain of theatre with their dramatic and theatrical storylines, full character development and sense of danger, suspense and love.

Based in London, the Turkish Cypriot dancer’s solo performances are mesmerising as he charms audiences with flamboyant cloak work and choreography rooted in Turkish and Romany style. In 2017 he received an award from Turkish Council for “The Best Ambassador Of Turkish Culture” for his work on international stages, bringing attention to his cultural heritage, and sharing his passion through workshops undertaken by many keen learners across the globe.

Ozgen has performed, taught, choreographed and directed for the last 18 years. In Istanbul, he joined the cast of Night of the Sultans combining contemporary dance, ballet and oriental dance. Ozgen taught for several years at the Tolgahan Dance School in Istanbul.

As well as performing at our evening show, he will also be holding two pre-show masterclasses at YMCA, swansea between 1 and 5pm.

Ozgen’s workshops will inspire everyone interested in dance, whether you are a belly dancer, cabaret performer or into burlesque, as his techniques will add to any dancer’s repertoire of moves! In our opinion, you will be learning from one of the best in the business – there is no one who can handle a cloak, or finish a move off with a flourish of a hand and command the audience like Mr Ozgen!

His Wow Drum Solo is aimed at belly dancers wanting to add flare to their performance, while his Gypsy Dance With Skirt workshop draws upon Turkish Romany dance and will add a flourish to the work of any dancer who likes skirt work and wants to show off!

Catch Ozgen co-headlining our Flowers of Romance show at Swansea Grand Theatre, April 7, with Lady Wildflower. Also on the bill: Vanity Dare, Dainty Dorine, Jewle Personality and Lilly Laudanum. Still a handful of tickets available from  Hobos and Swansea Grand Theatre, priced £15.50   

Ozgen’s masterclasses run from 1-3 and 3.30 – 5 at Swansea YMCA, Saturday 7 April. Secure your place via 

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