Meet the Performer: Havana Hurricane, Hitting Swansea Grand, 15 December

With our Seasonal show hitting the stage next Saturday 15th, we thought it was high time we wheeled out a few of the performers you’ll be seeing a lot more of next week, starting with our awesome headliner Havana Hurricane. 

HavanahurricaneGoldsmallerIt’s no secret we bloody love Havana Hurricane. She caused a storm last time she hit our stage a couple of years ago and now this blonde bombshell is back to unleash her glittering cyclone once more.

Havana is a shimmy-shaking burlesque tour-de-force who has blown minds across the stage with her classic bump and grind moves, awesome costuming and of course, that hair (it literally has a travel box of its own, you know!). She has been constantly voted in the Top 50 of the world performers by readers of 21 Century Burlesque Magazine and with successful tours across the UK, Europe, America, Canada and Australia, she is an in-demand artiste who has literally caused a storm across the globe!

We really can’t wait to see her back on the Swansea stage!

You can catch Havana Hurricane, as part of our biggest ever line up that marks our last regular show on Saturday 15 December.  

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