Meet The Performers for Our August 16 Show – pt 2: Domino Barbeau

So, continuing our ‘meet the performers’ series, where you get to find out a little bit more about out the performers hitting swansea Grand Theatre for our August 16 show this saturday, today, let us introduce you to the mesmerising Domino Barbeau.

Domino is the second of our headliners, an exotic international performers whose acts drip with opulence, spice and mystery. Those of you who came to our Carmarthen show back in the summeDominoBarbeau300dpihires (2)r of 2011, and the Grand in December 2011 will recall her striking and visual acts, which were a hit with the audience.


Canadian born performer Domino Barbeau has headlined stages across the globe with appearances in Canada, Italy, the USA, Switzerland, Finland just to name a few and draws upon an illustrious background in the performing arts and an interest in the curious, injecting drama into her acts. 

For more info, head to – and those lucky enough to have tickets to Saturday’s sell out show will see her live!

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