5 Years! Continuing our round-up, with Pt 2: 2011…

Continuing our retrospective of Bluestocking Lounge, we now hit 2011, which was a changeable year in many ways – good ways! We saw four venues in one year and by December had found our ‘home’… We also had our first showcase and ‘launched’some new performers from our courses!  February – Twisted Love This was to be […]

Meet The Performers for Our August 16 Show – pt 2: Domino Barbeau

So, continuing our ‘meet the performers’ series, where you get to find out a little bit more about out the performers hitting swansea Grand Theatre for our August 16 show this saturday, today, let us introduce you to the mesmerising Domino Barbeau. Domino is the second of our headliners, an exotic international performers whose acts […]