Make Yourself Some Professional Pasties – part 1.

One of the main questions we get asked is where do you get pasties from that will match a costume or theme and where can you get bigger pasties? Our answer is always, make your own! But we realise this can be a minefield if you have never made anything like this before. We decided to jump right in and show you how to make a pair of pasties that will be durable, look professional and last more than a few shows… You’ve got three parts to look forward to – part one will take you up to the decoration of some basic circular pasties, part two is the fun bit – the decoration. We’ll also add part three, which is how to make interesting shapes to vary your pastie collection! 

Here’s what you will need:

Buckram (how stiff you go is up to you – we like medium weight)

PVC or faux leather scraps to back your pasties

Fabric for the front of your pasties (to match a costume, or to use as a base for applying rhinestones or sequins)



thread and a fine sharp needle.

Step 1

P1030077 P1030078

If you are making pasties in a different size to those you can buy, you might find a set of compasses useful, however small glasses, or anything circular for that matter, will do the trick. When judging the size, remember, as they will be made into a slight cone, the size will be slightly smaller than your chosen circle.

Draw out your circle on the buckram and PVC and cut out. Find the direct centre and draw a line out to the edge, measure 1.5cm on the edge and connect to centre and also cut this out (this is what you will join to create the cone shape)

Step 2

Have your top fabric ready, wrong side up and paste glue on one side of the buckram. Place this on the wrong side of the fabric. When dry, cut around, leaving around a cm edge, then glue this edge up onto the buckram (this is now the back of your pastie.

P1030079 P1030081

Step 3

This is where your pasties will start to look like pasties! If you are making them with tassels, make sure you leave an inch or more of the cord at the top of the tassel to give it movement, then, with a glue gun, secure your tassel on the back of the pastie. The following steps are the same, with or without tassel. Fold your pastie with the right side inside, lining up the slot you cut out and over sew down this section. Sew very securely. Do the same with the pvc back, again, making sire the right side is folded inside. Next glue gun the backs to the fronts (glue on the inside, obviously!)

, P1030082 P1030083

Step 4

This is your last step for today! Securely sew around the edge of the pastie to ensire the back is firmly connected to the front. Try not to use big stitches on the front of your finished pastie (we find it easier to sew through the back to the front, that way you can control the stitch sizes…)


Join us next week for the next installment – the fun part – how to decorate! So in the meantime, make like a magpie and grab yourself a load of sequins, gemstones, glitter, old earrings, etc

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