Exciting! Tickety Boo is Debuting New At Tomorrow at Clwb Kaboom! #Selfiestrip

We love our Tickety Boo! We’re very proud of EVERYTHING she has done since she fled the Bluestocking nest and has since graced stages everywhere from Amsterdam to Dublin, and extensively across the UK… So we caught up with her, ahead of tomorrow’s show at the Ffwrnes, to find out about her new act, which she will be debuting in front of you lucky ticket holders!


South Wales, I have a confession. I admit it…. …I am addicted to taking selfies. Like, obsessed with them. I bloody loves a selfie. I bloody loves a selfie so much, I have created an act about selfies. The last few months have been completely and utterly devoted to selfies. Taking them, editing them, uploading them, loving them, creating an act about them… I have been completely consumed by them, and tomorrow night I will be unleashing my obsession on you too.

Club Kaboom, tomorrow night, I will debuting in front of you, for the very first time, my brand new never-been-seen-before act #selfiestrip …and there will be selfies aplenty. You will see.

On 23rd July 2011, I made my burlesque debut at The Bluestocking Lounge in Swansea, performing my very first ever act on stage for the very first time, and in front of a wonderful Welsh audience. So it seems only right that four years later, I should be debuting my newest act – my biggest act – my most ridiculous, complex, extraordinary act to date – in front of that very same crowd, as part of Bluestocking’s sister night Clwb Kaboom. How very fitting indeed. What’s more, you can follow the act #selfiestrip online, on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram by simply searching the hashtag #selfiestrip where you’ll find a possible few surprises after the show! Llanelli, my new act is ready for you, but first… let me take a selfie.

You can see Tickety Boo’s debut of #selfiestrip tomorrow night at Clwb Kaboom! Tickets are £8 from the Ffwrnes box office 0845 226 3510 or from this link: https://ffwrnes.ticketsolve.com/shows/873531460/events?show_id=873531460

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