Meet The Performer: Sandy Sure’s Five Things She Loves About Burlesque

We have to say, we bloody love Sandy Sure! We are chuffed she will be back in the motherland for tomorrow’s Hothouse Flowers show at Swansea Grand Theatre and we really couldn’t think of anyone hotter, quite frankly! Hailing from Pontypridd, but now living in Devon, this lovely burst onto the burlesque scene in 2008 and has since delighted audiences across Wales, the UK, Europe and even the US of A (Ohio Burlesque Festival, no less!) with acts that are a riot of colour, passion and reflect her personality, which goes from sci-fi, comics and horror (Skeletor, Beetlejuice and her Lizard) to glam (her new Lapis Lazuli act) and erm, throwdown with her Mexican Wrestler character… We know what we love about her, so we asked her, what 5 things she loves about burlesque… 

Sandy Sure (smaller)

(Sandy Sure’s Lapis Lazuli act by Scott Chalmers)

5 Things I love about burlesque:

1.Friends – Burlesque has introduced me to so many great friends from all different backgrounds, places and skill sets – it sounds cheesy but it really is like being part of a unique family spread across the world!

2. Creative outlet – I love the freedom burlesque gives me to combine my lifetime of inspirations with my love of dance and music, and to put my costume training and resourcefulness skills into practice to bring my ideas to life on stage.

3. Characters – Burlesque gives me the opportunity to play at being whoever I want. In the same night I can be a glamorous showgirl and a fat hairy luchador!

4. Travelling – Burlesque has enabled me to travel to places I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. One of my highlights of this year was spending Halloween in Norway, which was fantastic!

5. The thrill – Burlesque is hard work- months of planning, creating costumes, choreography, rehearsing, networking, dragging enormous suitcases around train stations, the nerves… yet the only thing I want to do after I’ve performed is to do it all over again – it’s addictive!

You can read more about Sandy Sure here: better still, come and see her tomorrow night at Swansea Grand Theatre Arts Wing, where she will be joining the bill headed up by Lady Wildflower, which also features Constance Peach, Lilly Laudanum, Daisy Dalore and Boris and Doris Von Sneeze. Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8pm start… and don’t forget to dress fancy, there’s always a prize for the best dressed! 

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