5 Years! A retrospective, part 4 – 2013

So now we hit 2013 in our look back at shows, and things really hotted up with shows selling out months before… We joined forces with the Dylan Thomas Centre to bring Dylan Thomas to a new audience and we saw the last ever performance of Flixx Demontrant…

February – Love In

Our first show of 2013 saw one of our first standing ovations for headliner Atheria_Hart_Jadore_MissMothPhotographyDolly Rose’s beautiful fan dance – the fans literally looked like they were floating on her fingertips! We also saw the return of Flixx Demontrant who brought his Hook act. The beautiful Atheria Hart took us to to the realms of fairytale with her utterly cute thumbelina and sassy Queen of hearts routines, Boris and Doris were out in force – we always love these two! Lilly Laudanum’s Barbara Cartland tried her had at writing a new kind of novel  -50 Shades of Pink, while we were graced by the Fabulous Fran Fandango, who was a legend in her lifetime (yes, we know, Flixx’ clever burlesque of the legends – funnily enough at the curtain call someone shouted that Flixx was missing… er…)

April – Sweetness and Light

sweetnessandlightcollage_missmothWe had a taste of all that was naughty and nice for our Sweetness and Light show. The wonderfully bonkers Constance Peach graced us with the Dutchess’ presence and Honey Holiday treated us to an ode to Carmen Miranda. Things got a bit fishy when Scarlet Blush’s very naughty Molly Malone came out to play – complete with crabs, while Peggy DeLune went wild as an air hostess, ready for take off… We invited back RedSarah with her inspiring and inventive acts – Betty Boop and her inflatable boyfriend and Casonova who had the ladies of the audience in a spin!

May – End Of The Pierm, Carmarthen’s Lyric

Endofthepier_May18_2013We headed for the seaside and for the darker side of the pier for our summer theatre show at the Lyric, which was a riot of fiarground horses, swords, mosquitos, monkey and tattooed ladys. The Sextembers donned their gold pants for a nod towards Bond, while Lilly Laudanum read some fortunes. Primrose Proper’s naughty fairy had an outing and Tickety Boo was on the hunt for a mosquito. We had acts from Bristol beauty Lou Leigh Blue and Bruise Violet’s sassy Infirmary Blues certainly worked the audience up to a frenzy – one lovely audience member told us she had got the ‘biggest girl crush’ on the Emerald Inferno – and we know what she means! Velma Von Bon Bon rolled out her monkey and also brought with her the notorious Natalia Kalashnikov, who despite her love of vodka and imminent danger pulled of a spectacular routine on the silks and amazonian headliner Venus Noir brought with her stunning carousel horse and act that took the breath away.

June  – Everything Oz

everythingozcollage_missmothSomeone tell Dorothy she is not in Kansas anymore! We headed down the yellow brick road courtesy of Oz-themed acts, with the highlight being Craig The Incredible Hula Boy. He certainly lived up to his name, his Elvis tribute got a standing ovation and his Dorothy character was just brilliant, with details such as Toto, hoops that went red and yellow, and pink and green on cue and featured a massive hoop ‘slinky’ as he hula’d 50+ hoops in one go! We saw Sandy Sure’s Luchador come out to play, complete with nachos and her nod to the Scarecrow was just brilliant. Also full of brilliance was Betty Blue Eyes’ tin lady act – so funny! Boris and Doris also headed out of Kansas and to the Carribean, while Tickety Boo was ‘Everything Moz’! when she put the Oz into Mosquito.

August – Around The World

We continued on our journey across the world with August-s Doublearoundtheworld_aug17_2012 Headline event and took int he sights of Great Britain, India, Egypt, Old Time America, Spain, France and more. And you the audience, looked splendid in your outfits which paid homage to Japan, Greece, China and more. Teezy Overeazy, another of our ‘burly daughters’ hit the stage with a fantastic, funny and inventive tribute to Dali, complete with ‘rock’ lobster, while the brilliantly comedic and inventive Heidi Bang Tidy rocked the house with her Brenda character (we know some of you have not been able to look at a lollipop lady in the same way ever again!). She also knighted an audience member with a toilet brush. Sukki Singapore brought her fantastic visual acts and huge palm tree fans to the stage while Scarlett Daggers was just spectacular – we love her cobra lady and she certainly lived up to the hot in her hod rod honey act!

October – Little Show Of Horrors


We headed to the darker side with a look forward to Halloween and our little show of horrors featured one of the fantastic Fanny Divine’s last sohws before she relocated to Australia. We loved her Little Shop Of Horrors tribute complete with Audrey – who was totally cute, we have to say! She also hit the fairground with her bearded lady, and despite technical error with sound failure, had the audience singing along as, like a complete pro and unfazed by this, she carried on with the act regardless! Kitty Ribbons brought her musical box to the stage, and we have to say, this is probably the only time we’ve seen co-producers Darren and Nik in action on stage as they opened the doors to her mesmerising doll. Raven Noir brought her spectacular Medusa, complete with massive headdress with her while Primrose Proper took another visit to Bluebeard’s Castle. Lilly headed to France for a solo version of the Bay Belles’ Vive La Revolution and Boris and Doris headed to the deep south.

November – Bluestocking Lounge and Dylan Thomas Centre’s Wordy Shapes Of Women DylanThomasFestival_Nov8_2013

We were very excited about this show – our first at the Dylan Thomas Centre. Teaming up with Jo Furber and doing a special show for the festival, we got our heads together to bring a new audience to Dylan Thomas – and a new audience to burlesque. The show was an unresounding success and saw one of our most diverse crowds yet – with ages spanning from a baby to a lovely chap in his 80s! The lovely Bunny Bon Vivant tied all the acts together with Dylans’ poetry and exhibited a case of wandering tassels, while acts came courtesy of Betty Blue Eyes, Lilly Laudanum, Scarlet Blush, Primrose Proper, and Boris and Doris. We had a special guest stage manager and Sadie filled Dawn’s shoes very well indeed. DeeDee was on top form as ever!

December – Blue Christmas


Proceedings went a little blue – in a good way – for our last show of 2013 and we invited back Eliza DeLite – this time crowned British Queen Of Burlesque. Her acts were just spellbinding. You had already seen her Loike a prayer – this time she returned with a re-vamped costume (yes, even more amazing) and a beautiful new act complete with amazing vintage leotard find! Another Bluestocking fave Velma Von BonBon actually did get a bit blue with her Blue Moon act and Boho Fusion belly danced their way into your hearts. Tickety Boo’s Christmas Elf came out to play again and Scrooge said ‘Bah Humbug!’ It was also quite a sad night and the evening was heavy with emotion when Flixx performed for the last time, choosing his frog princess as fiance Atheria. We were all crying backstage, seriously. Especially at the end of his Frog Prince act, with extended ‘I Did it My Way’ section. Yes, he certainly did! And were moved that Flixx chose our show to be his last.

Also in 2013:

We teamed up with Cardiff Burlesque in May once again to host the Welsh Burlesque Festival in Cardiff which saw performers such as Diva Hollywood, Talula Blue and more hit the stage, and newcomer competition won by Violet Blaize. We also teamed up with Hobbycraft in Swansea to host a Drawlesque session in which performers posed with costumes and props and were interpreted in paints, pastels, inks and pencils by artists. We also teamed up with Mosaic to perform at a charity show raising money for breast cancer charities and released our first Bluestocking Goes Pink Calender, which also raised funds for Break Through Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Care. Plus, and this is most important!, we established the curry club! Basically an apres-show gathering featuring lovelies including Carey, Didi Curv’e, Honey Holiday, Lilly Laudanum, Poppy Vanguard, Dawn and various performers from the shows, and any one else who fancies joining us for an after show wind down and gossip!

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