Meet the Performer: Tickety Boo, who’ll be at our Feb 14 show!

With our Valentine’s specatuclar – and 5th birthday all at the end of this week, we thought you should get to know some more of the performers on the bill, so step forward Tickety Boo!


If you’ve been following our five years retrospective, you might have read a lot about this young lady already! Starting her burly journey with us after begging us to run classes (there was a fair amount of begging on her behalf, we have to add!), she hit the stage for the first time at our 2011 showcase for new performers under the moniker of Bella Bambina, and has never looked back since.

Changing her name to Tickety Boo, this lovely has really done us proud and has been hitting stages (literally with her fly swats!) across the UK with her signature routine Mosquito (the ‘lucky head wear’ donated by the Bay Belles from their defunct Fly act) and has picked up awards at festivals including the Dublin Burlesque Festival – for best solo. She’s also been venturing further afield and 2014 saw her on the stage of Amsterdam Burlesque Award.

Regulars at our show will know her already for routines that think outside the box – Gnome Come Home being based on the postcards sent by kidnapped gnomes and her Cinderella act is an alternative look at what really happened on that fateful night when the clock struck 12…

We hear that she will also be heading back to Wales in May for Bluestocking’s sister show Clwb Kaboom! in Llanelli…

You can catch Tickety Boo on Saturday at Bluestocking’s Mad Love show.

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