Meet The Performer: The Vivid Angel, performing at our Bra Humbug! show

We can’t contain our excitement that the lovely Vivid Angel will be hitting our stage next week – besides, what is christmas without an angel? So we thought you’d like to meet her!

VividAngel_PeterDiablowSmallThe Vivid Angel is a true rock n roll performer. Hailing from the metal community (she fronted a band signed to Roadrunner Records) she is an avant-guard entertainer extraordinaire. Oozing charisma and class and armed with a fist-full of eclectic skills (including fire, human pin-cushion), Bizarre magazine dubbed her Queen of Alternative Performance and the ultimate showgirl – and we have to agree!

For two decades she has been amazing audience across the globe with her exotic characters and frankly gripping stage shows. During that time, she;’s performed for the likes of Alice Cooper, Roger Taylor and won awards including being crowned winner of the Twisted Cabaret Crown at the World Burlesque Games 2014.

To continue reading about The Vivid Angel, head over to her website:

We cannot wait for you to see her in action, next Saturday at our Bra Humbug! show at Swansea Grand Theatre Arts Wing… Doors open 7.30 – get there early for the best seats in the house! 

Header pic: Helene Jaspers

in text pic Peter Diablo

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