Geeky Historical Christas Facts pt9

So today’s historical Christmas fact gives us the chance to share this pic of our lovely audience dressed up all christmassy from our Blue Christmas show, 2013 (pic by Miss Moth)…  

Fact #9 concerns the Christmas pudding… 

As with the mince pie, this also comes from the East and first arrived in the 1300s as a sort of ‘delicious’ porridge with meats of beef and mutton, fruits, spices, bound together with breadcrumbs, an egg and wine. Sounds lovely. The meat was taken out and it was enjoyed as a delicious finale to the Christmas dinner feast in the 1700s… It also has links to the Wise Men who, like the pud, came from the east: it was traditionally stirred from east to west, representing the journey of the three kings.

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