Geeky Historical Christmas Facts 15

Well, we’ve got just 10 more of those facts to go – and that means 10 more pics from our christmas Bluestocking shows. Today’s pic is Eliza DeLite’s Like A Prayer act from our Blue Christmas show, 2013 by Miss Moth Photography… and speaking of Lite…  

Fact #15 concerns Christmas lights. 

It’s Thomas Edison we have to thank for those (and frankly, thank f88k, as without his invention our lovely synthetic trees would be going up in smoke if we still banged a few candles on them as in times of yore). In the christmas of 1880, Mr Edison, having invented the lightbulb the previous year, decided to get a bit cocky and hung strings of electric lights outside his laboratory in New York. Very festive. In 1882, his mate Edward H Johnson (president of Edison’s light company), thinking he would impress the press and media with this brilliant advertising gimmick festooned a christmas tree with the lights, the resulting coverage put Edison’s lighting company firmly in industry journals, with Electrical World magazine dubbing it the “most handsomest [sic] Christmas tree in the United States”. And so illumination at Christmas was born (well, of the artificial kind, if you don’t include the comet/Star Of David) and it’s thanks to the genius of Edison that we now see fairy lights, and those ‘lovely’ and ‘demure’ whole house/garden decorations that, if you are lucky enough to live opposite, will keep you awake for the whole Season. Something to be jolly about, then.

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