Meet The Performer: Terms of Unnervement

With our Bra Humbug! show just days away, we thought it would be a great idea to introduce you to another of our fantastic acts! So here are Terms Of Unnervement… 

Terms Of Unnervement are a dynamic duo of decadence from Brighton whose acts are the embodiment of burlesque. They parody Hollywood legends, portray clever caricatures and turn musicals into mayhem of the best kind! Featuring Joe Black (who according to their website is responsible for face pulling, gyrating and general nonsense) and Arran Shurvinton on elegance, nice dancing and misc nonsense, they specialise in the ridiculous, the hilarious and the unexpected.
This terrible twosome create a world where nothing remains sacred.

Expect the proceedings to take a ‘Wicked’ turn when they hit the stage this saturday with their tribute to the hit West End musical. you can read more about them (or drop by and say hello!) at

Terms Of Unnervement will be performing at our Bra Humbug! show at Swansea Grand Arts Wing this Saturday. Get there early for the best seats in the house!

Terms of Unnervement pic copyright Erin Constidine

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