Geeky Historical Christmas Fact 16

Today we are dealing with the ‘big one’ – the lamb of god, the messiah, etc… and yes, he is a very naughty boy!

Fact #16 The ‘exact’ date of jesus’ birth 

[religious disclaimer: we’re not religious and am purely looking at this from a historical point of view, if you are religious you may not want to read on…] Not being a significant event at the time, there are no records of Jesus’ birth and times have been mis-recorded [read: made up to fit in with other festivals around December and the new millennium]. Some of the mis-calculation lies in counting the reign of Emperor Augustus and Emperor Octavian – who are the same person, meaning his reign is doubled. Also, historically King Herod The Great was born around 74BC, died in 4bc, and if the bible is to be believed and King Herod was after the slaughter of young boy children, jesus must have been born around 7-4BC. The month of birth is also of contention. Here’s what we ‘know’: shepherds brought a lamb to the nativity scene, indicating it was lambing season (not really december, however they could have given an incredibly large/grown up lamb or a sheep could have delivered early) and according to some scholars, the wise men (magi/early astrologers) visited Jesus when he was as much as 2 years old, following a star (more on the star tomorrow) which appeared in the Bethlehem sky.

And today’s pic is the very festive looking team Revue – the lovely Lisa who runs Hollistic Harmony and Stacey who runs Revue Studios… Which reminds us, we’ll be running our next 6 week course there, starting on January 5, so head over to the tickets page of our website to secure your place! 

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