Meet The Performer: Teezy Overeasy

With our Bra Humbug! show hitting Swansea Grand Theatre tomorrow night, we thought it was about time to meet the ‘rack with the craic’ Teezy Overeasy! 
Teezy_Dali_bubble_smallerWe effing love Teezy Overeasy! She is a very cheeky Belfast Belle who we met early in 2011 when she took one of our classes. Very soon after she was adopted by the Sextembers girls and soon hit the stage with them… She’s a collection of clever acts – you may have seen her Salvidor Dali-themed act at one of our Bluestocking shows, or even her cheeky Leprechaun or drunken showgirl (she can neck a pint quicker than you can say cheers!) or even her King Julien at our Clwb Kaboom shows… She’s also won awards from shows across the UK including ‘Critics Choice’ as the Teatime Tassel Off in Leeds. She’s become a leading figure on the Belfast burlesque scene and assists with the running of the Belfast Burlesque Festival. Tomorrow, we’ve got a real treat as she’ll be playing pass the parcel with you – and yes, she will be rolling out the king! We cannot wait!

See Teezy tomorrow at our Bra Humbug! Christmas show, Swansea Grand Theatre Arts Wing. Doors open at 7.30 (although the bar is open much earlier!). We never charge for the VIP seats so get there early to get the best seats in the house! 


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