Drag King Workshop At Revue with RedSarah

We really love it when people get creative with their burlesques, especially when it can lead to some awesome new characters… We left a group of ladies in studio one, with RedSarah and a list of equipment (RedSarah’s Drag King Shopping List):

Some male attire – a few bits to help get into character, perhaps a hat/shirt/tie ?
Some black eye shadow and black pencil
A prop of some kind: beer can/ football/pipe/gun/newspaper, anything

Bring something to put in your pants! Nothing quite beats the feeling of being a “real man” lol! Cucumbers, bananas, socks and cocks… whatever takes your fancy…

No heels !!


We spied a selection of carrots, massive stuffed socks and more… And came back some time later and be introduced to some chaps (and we have to say, some of them were a bit flirtatious!). We thought we’d share with you a few pics from Red Sarah’s cracking drag king workshop at Revue Studios on Saturday…

RedSarah is available for workshops, mentoring and more across the UK and beyond. She also runs the Fire School. Get in touch with her if you want to experience an afternoon of inspiring, fun character work, like our ‘chaps’ in Swansea did! info@redsarah.com

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