Meet The Performer: Petula Goldfever, Hitting Our Hot, Hot, Hot! Show Tomorrow!

We’re on form tonight, with the introductions, and while we’re on a roll, we thought you’d like to meet the French fancy that is Petula Goldfever, who is in the UK and fresh from a stint at the Edinburgh Festival!

Petula Goldfever by Valentine Photographies (1)Leaving a trail of golddust where ever she goes, Petula Goldfever is 24 carat gold burlesque! With her long blond hair and red smile, Petula Goldfever is a true Hollywood diva, glamorous and sophisticated. But don’t be mistaken, Petula on stage is like fire under the ice, humour behind glamour, or a high heel on a banana peel.
Her burlesque acts reveal her cheeky taste for surprise with a revealing final twist you just won’t be expecting.

Since she started on her burly journey as a stage assistant, she has performed across the world and her signature act (we won’t tell you what it is yet! We don’t want to ruin the surprise!) has taken her to eight countries alone. She was crowned Miss Paris Burlesque Festival in 2014 and in 2015 became the second runner up for the International Crown at London’s prestigious World Burlesque Games.

She’s playful, professional and from Paris! And we just can’t wait for her to hit the stage tomorrow alongside Missy Malone, Amber Topaz, Lilly Laudanum, Allota Pernas, Cariad Cwtch, with DeeDee at the helm! Show starts at 8pm, doors open 7.30pm – make sure you get there early to get the best seats in the house!

Petula pic: Valentime Photographies

Feature Petula pic: Guillaume Laurent

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