Important info re the new Data Protection Laws

The new GDPR comes into effect in a few days… Normally we would be joining other companies in mailing everyone on our mailing list to assure them that we will only keep your data (contact details/emails/etc) if you would like us to do that…

However, we don’t have a mailing list (I know, very un-business-like, when most people seem to do their business by mailing you with news of their company – or send you loads of crap through your letter box – we just didn’t think you all wanted that) so we can’t reassure everyone that we don’t have your details! So let me just make it clear, here, what the score is…

If you buy a ticket from us, your email details are kept until the night of the show – this is in case anything goes wrong, like the cat eats your ticket or your husband accidentely throws them in the bin. If such a thing should happen, we have details that you bought tickets from us and can sort out the emergency. Details of tickets bought are then deleted and destroyed after the show. We will continue to do this for all our shows unless you tell us “DON’T DO THAT”. In which case, if you lose your ticket, it’s at your own risk as we won’t know you’ve bought one. We respect your right to privacy.

If you are on a course with us, we keep hold of your email and ‘fitness to dance’ details while you are with us. We may email you reminders about the class (such as what to bring, any info changes, etc) but we delete all emails after the course has finished. We shred your fitness to dance details 6 months after the class, just in case anything arises after you have finished with us (for insurance purposes) – or you want to continue classes.

If you are a performer and we like you we will book you. We will obviously keep your details until we’ve paid you and you’ve done the show and then your personals are deleted from our records. This is not because we don’t love you, it’s because we don’t hold on to anyone’s details (hence us always asking for new hi-res images and those pesky tech details (yes, yet again!) if you are a returning performer. We don’t have permission to use your pic for any other reason than the show you are performing at, so it’s deleted off our system. That goes for tech details of your acts and any music you may have sent us. It’s not our cut so it goes after the show.

If you are a performer and we like you but we don’t yet have a show for you, we will ask you if we can keep your details on record. If you say yes, we will keep them until there is a show for you. If you say no, your name will go on a list and we will contact you again.

Sorry if this is a very long-winded way of saying we chuck your details – responsibly – into the cyber bin. We just wanted to let everyone know where they stand


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