Meet The Performer Yippeikay, Hitting Swansea Grand this Saturday!

Oooh the excitement is building, seeing as though our June show is just days away, so we thought you’d like to get to know who you will be seeing on the Bluestocking stage, starting with Yippeeikay…  

get lost Photographer Keith osbornThere can’t be that many burlesque performers on the scene who not only can twirl a baton – but put those serious skills to use on almost everything – and in the almost 9 years we’ve been running this show every other month (yes, we know! That’s a lot of shows!) – not to mention performing and seeing other shows across the UK, we can honestly say, we’ve never seen anyone like Yippeeikay! She is a true originator of baton-erlesque! She will definitely be bringing something very unique to our June show – that’s for sure!

Hitting the burlesque circuit almost three years ago, and proud to call acclaimed perfomers such as Diva Hollywood as her mentor, Yippeeikay combines baton twirling and striptease into character based comedy routines – and it’s this unique take on the art form which took her all the way to the finals of the prestigious Burlesque Idol last year.

We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us all, but we’re told it involves a map and some rather lovely peaks to climb…

You can see Yippeeikay at bluestocking Lounge with Coco Deville, Bruise Violet, Lilly Laudanum, Lolly Follie and Flissy Tease. We still have a few tickets left via – you don’t want to miss this one! Doors open at 7.30pm – get there early for the best seats in the house. 


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